Optical Fibre and Communication Integration

In 1994, CABLE NETWORK SYSTEMS was established as a Sole Proprietorship, specializes in Telecommunication, Optic Fibre, Communication Integration and Building Management Systems. During 1996, the company changed to a Private Company in the name of NETRONIX.

The services offered today by Netronix has now grown to design and install Turnkey Voice, Data, RF & Optical Fibre Networks for varies industries across the communications spectrum, covering Computer Networks - LAN and WAN installations, Telecommunications Networks - including Copper, Fibre Optic, Microwave, Satellite, RF backbone installations as well as Security and CCTV Installations, ITS and Traffic Management.

At Netronix we follow the philosophy that to deliver a project of the highest possible quality, staff must be correctly trained and equipped with the tools and equipment to install, test and report on that network. As a result, we have made a considerable investment in this field, especially with regards to the purchase of Fibre Optic jointing and testing equipment and RF testing equipment, in addition to other specialized test equipment.



The managing member of Netronix is Deena Naidoo (Technical) – An Electronics Engineer by trade, he has 15 years experience in the communications industry, has managed 4 projects

concurrently to the value of R33 million, has managed other  projects of between R2m & 7 million.